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HPE provides Electrical, Power and Automation Products & Engineering services to the mining, steel, food, water, rail, power, oil and gas industries.dolor

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HPE is a proud distributor of the world’s best and intelligent engineering products in Iran.

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With a constantly expanding portfolio, HPE specialises in a number engineering services, mainly in the fields of:

What We Do

The design process includes:

HPE has extensive experience of providing designs for electrical networks (Utility and Private Wire) from 400kV to Low Voltage.

  • Fault Level and Load Flow Studies
  • The Specification of Switchgear
  • The Specification of Protection and Control schemes
  • The Sizing of Current Transformers
  • Cable Sizing
  • Sizing of Battery Charges
  • The Design of Substation Housings and Foundations
  • Interfacing to SCADA Systems
  • Protection Grading Studies
  • Cable Route and Trench Profile Drawings
  • Legal Drawings depicting New Easements and Leases

Correct operation of circuit breakers during instances of network faults will minimise the extent of an outage, damage to cabling and switchgear and possible injury to personnel.
Using the NEPLAN software we provide fault level and protection discrimination studies for new and existing networks.
Existing Networks
The Electricity at Work Regulations places various requirements on duty holders in relation to electrical systems. Having an up to date protection study is relevant to various regulations to maintain a safe system.
A Protection Study Audit will ensure the protection system operates as required during fault conditions.


We pride ourselves in the production of efficient and economical designs, which consider the safety of people, equipment, livestock and the environment.

At HPE we work seamlessly between disciplines allowing the earthing design to be completed in concurrence with the structural, civil and electrical designs. This results in an earthing system which considers all aspects of the design and allows for a timely and cost effective delivery.


Therefore a safe, resilient and secure electrical power network is critical to minimise interruptions, damage and losses.

With our broad range of knowledge and experience of electrical power systems we offer the following services:

  • Electrical Network Design
  • Protection Studies for new and existing networks
  • Earthing Measurements, Earthing System Design and Testing
  • Power System Studies e.g. Load Flow, Short Circuit Calculations, Transient Stability Studies, Harmonic Studies


Using the NEPLAN software we provide a comprehensive range of power system studies:

  • Load Flow and Fault Level studies
  • Sizing of Harmonic Filters
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Motor Starting calculations

Hoonam Part Energy Consulting Engineering

Why Choose Us?


HPE is an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company with nearly 1 decade of experience in the design and development of industrial projects particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical Fields.


The philosophy of cooperation in thinking, planning, designing, and solving problems has become a part of our organization culture. Teamwork and collaborative capabilities are recognized and rewarded in our evaluation systems.

Vision & Values

Relying on our experience and originality, we strive to keep our core engineering business at the competitive edge, and by the constant enhancement of our capabilities, to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.


The ascent of Hoonam Part Energy from a compact engineering firm to an E, EP, MC, SSC, and FES contractor is best described through HPE’s founders.

Mahyar Najafi

Our Mission

We provide complete consultancy and technical services for the development of industrial projects particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical fields.

Mahyar Najafi - CEO

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