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Our Company

HPE provides Electrical, Power and Automation Products & Engineering services to the mining, steel, food, water, rail, power, oil and gas industries.

Our Products

HPE is a proud distributor of the world’s best and intelligent engineering products in Iran.

Our Services

With a constantly expanding portfolio, HPE specialises in a number engineering services, mainly in the fields of:

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Customized Solutions

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Power system software Products


NEPLAN Electricity is a software tool to analyse, plan, optimize and simulate networks. The user-friendly graphical interface allows the user to perform study cases very efficiently. The customizable software has a modular concept and covers all electrical aspects in transmission, distribution, generation / industrial networks

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Grounding and lightning protection systems


XGSLab is one of the most powerful software packages for grounding system analysis, electromagnetic fields, interference and lightning analysis and the only software on the market that takes into account both EN and IEEE Standards.

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Our Partners

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Smart solution for power electrical systems

Mahyar najafi - CEO